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It’s CARNIVAL Time in the Office

Ersa’s new series brings fun and dynamism to workspaces. 

In creating the Carnival series for Ersa, Ece Yalım Design Studio drew inspiration from carnivals and fairs. The Carnival proposes to bring the festive spirit of carnivals to the workplace. The Trapeze , Lobut , Tambour  and Acrobat  models in the Carnival collection dare you to try the unexpected in your workspaces with their dynamic lines, whimsical forms, and bold and contrasting colors. Designs that feel like they are “ready to move any minute now” seem to invite us all to a parade. 

The extravaganza as the common theme of carnivals, the impossibility… 

Design by Ece Yalım Design Studio

Let the fun begin in the office!

Large figures, unexpected looks you wouldn’t come across in daily life…

Whimsical and delightful…

Dynamism and motion among the crowds …

Now it’s your turn!

Combine your childhood and adulthood dreams with your creativity.

Push the boundaries of your workspaces with Carnival.

Executive Offices
Office Systems
Waiting Room Units
Office Task Chairs
Conference Hall Chairs