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Practical and unique... 

Toine van den Heuvel’s design Down, with its metal legs and leather seat, is a great chair to suit different interior styles. The seat back provides support for the lumbar region while the practical leg design ensures comfort, bringing a contemporary look to offices. 

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Toine van den Heuvel was trained as a mechanical engineer, and has specialized in the field of digital design and engineering and industrial design. Based on years of engineering and management experience, he has his professional expertise in the field of designing, and manufacturing prototypes. He has designed numerous furniture that have been very successful in the market.

In his own words: Our passion is technology and design. In addition, we are always looking for simplicity in design. The form directly supports the function. These aspects go hand in hand with our Design & Development approach, which leads to the creation of products that add both functional and aesthetic value for the customer and end-user.

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