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A table system standing out both in design and engineering solutions...

Yoka, referring “the smell of ocean” in Japanese, brings the dynamism of nature to the workplace with its modest design and ergonomic structure. Yoka pulls down the monotony of traditional workplaces thanks to its transversal legs and its elliptical form presents extraordinary illusions in any space. Yoka offers an innovative and functional design with its characteristic legs, a table top with special finishes and mounted storage systems to the table.

Yoka_ 2li Work Station_Alternatif 1
Yoka_ 2li Work Station_Alternatif 1.RGB_color
Yoka_ 2li Work Station_Alternatif 2
Yoka_ 4 Lü Work Station_Alternatif 2
Yoka_ 4 Lü Work Station_Alternatif 3
Yoka_ 4 Lü Work Station_Alternatif 6
Yoka_ 4 Lü Work Station_Alternatif4
Yoka_ B0814_Alternatif 2
Yoka_ B0814_Alternatif 4

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