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Our Vision, Mission and Business Ethics
A brand driven by the ultimate satisfaction of its employees and customers …

Pioneer In Innovation With High Added Value In The Furniture Sector for 60 Years

From workspaces to living areas, representing high qualified manufacture principle with a wide range design products and leading innovation with high added value, Ersa has the vision to raise its brand to compete with worldwide brands.

With the mission of providing the most appropriate furniture solution to the needs of its users and spaces with the production techniques and design products developed within the framework of design and production concept based on the principles of sustainability which are high-qualified, long-term use, ergonomic, functional and within aesthetic concerns.

Business Ethics


  • Follows the principle of working by adhering to its commitments.
  • Values the importance of delivering on its promises and acting fairly and respectfully.
  • Believes in teamwork and spirit, ensuring that all activities are carried out in line with these beliefs.
  • Takes care to communicate effectively with all stakeholders.
  • Listens to its clients and suppliers, and strives to meet their demands and needs in the shortest time possible.
  • Considers the creation of new ideas, designs, products and services as the basis for competition.
  • Adopts a production approach that respects people and the environment with its sustainability philosophy.

Ersa includes the high technology and adopts a modern and exemplary business principle in its corporate structure with its investments.