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Ersa's Logo History

Ersa debuts a new logo to take its half-century long history to the future.

ERSA, a pioneer in the furniture industry with its customizable designs, has debuted a new logo and brand identity after more than half a century. ERSA’s new logo fuses the company’s 57-year long heritage with the future, reflecting its design success on its corporate identity. Collaborating with leading designers, ERSA aims to reinforce its international position. The new logo created by a leading Italian graphic design company as part of redefining the corporate identity, highlights ERSA’s serial production capabilities and flexible infrastructure.

Commenting on the launch, ERSA Furniture Deputy General Manager Yalçın Ata said, “Since 1958, ERSA has grown from a manufacturer in Sivas into a brand that creates internationally acclaimed designs. In an era when the world continues to change and evolve every day, our goal is to pioneer innovative ideas in the industry. As a company that continually evolves, we decided it was time to transform our logo, and reposition our brand in the international arena.”

Ata explained that in the process of redefining the corporate identity, they first went through the management and production stages of the visual concept, and added, “As we renovated our brand strategy, we also addressed our communication approach, and reflected it on our corporate identity. After a lengthy process, we created five concepts associated with ERSA’s roots:  Background, heritage, polygonal, calligraphy and signature… We agreed that it was important that we captured the story of the brand, and visualized its cultural heritage in order to position ERSA in the international arena with its innovative identity.”

ERSA’s New Logo

Keeping the black from its half-century old logo, ERSA incorporated yellow, the color that implies joy, productivity and efficiency, to the new logo. With the new logo featuring lowercase letters in a more circular and softer typeface, ERSA’s dynamic attributes that lend to creating flexible workspaces is emphasized, and the family business identity and modest character are highlighted. The rectangular shape that embraces the logo gains depth with two slanted cuts that extend in two directions. The logo that underlines ERSA’s out-of-the-box approach to design represents a secret chest that hides the ideas of the company, which launches new and original designs each season.



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