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Simple office tweaks to boost employee happiness

Choose your office décor colors wisely, keeping in mind the advice of world-renowned color psychologist Angela Wright. Shades of blue stimulate clear thought, yellow boosts creativity and lifts spirits, red physiologically affects the body and elevates one’s pulse, and green creates a sense of calming balance. But if you don’t have the opportunity to change the color of your whole office, choose accents in colors that best suit your type of work. 

See the Light

A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that natural light significantly increases energy, creativity and productivity. Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago found that study participants who lacked direct sunlight exposure during the day lost an average of 46 minutes of sleep at night. Not surprisingly, artificial light leaves people sleepy and stressed. If your desk doesn’t have a direct window view, you may want to consider finding alternate spaces from which to work for part of the day. Those who have no choice but to work in a fluorescent environment may also consider investing in a lamp that imitates natural light.

Smells like Team Spirit

Scent, though the most powerful of our senses, is an underutilized tool for boosting productivity. In Japan, a study found that 54 percent percent of the professional typists studied made fewer errors when exposed to a lemon scent. Jasmine produced 33 percent fewer errors, and lavender produced 20 percent fewer errors. In order to create a quick DIY air freshener, mix water and a few drops of essential oil in a spray bottle and mist around your workspace.

One With Nature

Investing in a small potted plant for your desk is one of the easiest ways to boost your productivity. Scientists at the University of Exeter conducted a series of experiments that confirmed that plants not only improve creativity and overall well-being, they also give your ability to concentrate and focus a boost, spurring greater productivity. Plants also help clean the air, removing pollutants and bacteria.

Turn Up the Heat

Your chilly office could be distracting you from your work! A study from Cornell University tested the impact of temperature on productivity. Some people believe that a frigid environment will help keep them alert, but the study found that cool temperatures are actually detrimental and lower productivity.

Move It, Move It

According to the International Management Facility Association, nearly 70 percent of all offices in America today are open-plan workspaces. While open layouts encourage a great deal of interaction among team members, many people don’t do their best work or thinking in a stimulus-filled environment. In order to help counter distraction, experiment with working from different areas of your office. 

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