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Workspaces continue to evolve into “homey” spaces!

Ersa’s Review of Orgatec IN THE AFTERMATH OF ORGATEC Workspaces continue to evolve into “homey” spaces!

Orgatec, the leading international trade fair for the modern working world, took place on October 25 – 29, 2016 with the theme “creativity works – new visions of work” this year. The biennial trade fair that once again demonstrated the evolution of workspaces over the years saw significant activity in terms of visitors, exhibitors and events.

Since its launch in 1953, the trade fair continues to evolve in line with the technological, demographic, cultural and social changes. In addition to functionality gaining more importance in workspaces, the relationship of products and spaces with the people who spend most of their time in the office is also highlighted. Serious and soulless spaces and office furniture give way to more colorful, comfortable and flexible designs that focus on the health and privacy of users. The offices that try to steer away from clichés try to incorporate “softer” designs such as chairs and sofas in particular. There are clear efforts to bring a “homey” feel to workspaces with the use of designs that increase the motivation of employees and provide the comfort and warmth of homes.

Office systems and solutions, as well as the use of felt as a material stood out in this edition of Orgatec. It is also noteworthy that pastel tones like blue, pink and blue are widely used in numerous products. Wood has become an essential material in the legs and bases of desks and chairs while the combination of white and natural wood appears more frequently. On the other hand, walnut veneers and black are the must-haves of executive offices… The warm woods seem to be replacing the cold metals, which is considered a product of the efforts to give offices a “homey” feel. This trend has also led to the use of office furniture in the homes.

Designs that focus on providing privacy for employees were also widely featured in Orgatec 2016. Designs that offer extraordinary solutions for open-plan office systems that aim to take down the walls are included in almost every brand’s product range. Separators, telephone booths, furniture using noise absorbent materials in various colors and styles are all part of this new trend.

Height adjustable, standing desks are yet another trend rapidly spreading and already becoming a requirement in some European countries. Such desks presented at the booths of several brands confirm that occupational health is at the core of office design. There are even desk variants that are integrated with treadmills or stationary bikes.

The use of recyclable and natural materials was also a rising trend observed in Orgatec.



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