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ERSA In Press

Ersa Has Won Two Awards at Green Good Design 2018

Ersa was granted two awards at Green Good Design 2018 in which sustainable green products are honoured since 1950. Ersa's plant unit Grid, designed by Erdem Akan and Boğaç Şimşir as well as conference...


Discover Ersa’s new product line developed for living spaces at IMOB

Ersa presents its new products developed for living spaces at 14th International Istanbul Furniture Fair between the dates 23rd-28th January. The Ersa Life series, developed in collaboration...


Ersa has been awarded in the category of "Ankara's Most Valuable Brands"

Ersa has been awarded in the category of "Ankara's Most Valuable Brands" at Ankara Brands Festival which has been organized for the third time by Ankara Chamber of Commerce. 

Ersa Has Been Granted Three Awards at Good Desıgn 2017

Having been granted three awards at Good Design 2017, Ersa has become the only local firm being rewarded in the category of furniture.  Re-interpretation of Metin Atabey Ata’s iconic chair...


BASE will start on December 21st at Galata Rum Primary School with Ersa’s Architectural Design and furniture sponsorship

Bringing together Turkey’s whole new generation artists in İstanbul for the first time, Turkey's new art meeting BASE will host art world’s prominent names with panel sessions.  With the contribution...