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Solar Power Plant Investment within the scope of Ersa Sustainability Approach

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One of our most important 2022 goals, the Solar Power Plant project, was officially launched with the signatures of General Manager of Ersa Furniture, Hasan TİCİ, and Chairman of the board of Göze Energy, Arda GÖKÇE.

In this cooperation with Göze Energy, it is planned to get ahead of approximately 1.472 tons of carbon dioxide emissions with the 22 thousand square meter solar panel investment established on the roof of our company's factory located in Sincan/Ankara - Turkey. As Ersa, we will provide energy, which is the most important step of sustainable energy and sustainable production, with SPP as a result of this investment. The energy to be provided by the solar panels installed regarding the rooftop SPP project, which has a production capacity of 1.809 kWp, corresponds to the clean air provided by approximately 3.500 trees every year.

As Ersa, we are happy and proud to add a new project to the projects we carry out within the scope of our sustainability approach. With this investment, as a first step we aim to meet 65% of our energy needs with renewable solar energy in 2023, and we aim to continue to follow a sustainable policy and support clean energy in our entire production line by preventing carbon emissions.