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  • Odin
    by Ersa R&D+Design Team
  • Frame
    by Ece Yalım Design Studio
  • Locker
    by Ersa R&D+Design Team
  • Libro
    by Ersa R&D+Design Team
  • Lin
    by Alexis&Murat Şanal
  • Field
    by Ersa R&D+Design Team
  • Meliades
    by Ersa R&D+Design Team
  • Meliades Tv
    by Ersa R&D+Design Team
  • Eclipse
    by Ersa R&D+Design Team

Cabinets & Bookshelves

In addition to its large storage volume, the storage units, which are developed in innovative and original forms, meet its users in a wide range of products for their workspace. Ersa offers stylish solutions to the storage needs of its workspaces with its diversified alternatives in different sizes and specifications.
The bookshelves, which are developed for training, working spaces or library areas, meet their users in high quality, modular and multifunction display and storage functions. In addition to the shelf models, the drawers that allow the drawer add-ons offer an innovative and modern look. With a variety of color and material options, the library series allows for the creation of a wide range of space configurations.

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