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Comprising of a large family with its versions developed for waiting, lounge and visitor areas, Likha brings in the colorful, dynamic and unusual elements of the East Asian culture to its design. Varying with high and low backs, Likha series diverges with its foot options and cushion alternatives added to the body.

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likha-balutto-associati-ersa (1)
likha-balutto-associati-ersa (1)
likha-balutto-associatti-ersa-koltuk (1)
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likha-balutto-associatti-ersa-koltuk (3)

Founded by Adriano Balutto, recently enriched with a new creative assistance, with the presence of the architect Veronica Balutto, Balutto Associati is an atelier between a creative workshop and a productions shop. The studio increases its activity developing forms, stylistic strategies for production and marketing for leading companies, and the studio also offers professional advice regarding of trends and tendencies.

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