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illustration Ceyhun Şen

The Carnival collection designed by Ece Yalım Design Studio features Tambour, another range of stools that can change the stressful atmosphere of the workplace with bold colors. Offered in base or on casters, Tambour stools and coffee tables will enhance the dynamism of any setting with their charming styles. 

Graduated from the Industrial Design Department of Middle East Technical University in 1988, completed her Master’s Degree in interior design at the Pratt Technology Institute in New York on 1992. Continued work in New York between 1990-1994.

During this period worked as a designer at the interior design firm Left and Associates. Some of the projects worked on are: Geoffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg’s summer homes in Malibu and Hampton, Tom Cruise’s home in Colorado, and Armani AIX Stores at Santa Monica, Miami, Michigan, Los Angeles and New Jersey.  Also the Giorgio Armani boutique in Bloomingdale. Including the leaflet/brochure stands of Citibank and Clarks of England, worked on product designs at the Pentagram Graphic Design firm.

In addition to her professional career since 2004,  Ece Yalım offers a course titled “Colors in Industrial Design” at the Middle East University and consults educational projects. Since 2008 she is the vice-president of ETMK.

M. Oğuz Yalım graduated from the Fıne Arts Interior and Environmental Design Department of Bilkent University in 1993. Between 1993-1995, worked as an interior design architect in the  Argeta Construction and Decoration firm. Continues his work at the Artful Interior Architecture and Design firm founded in 1996 jointly with his spouse Ece Yalım.  Completed varied projects such as restaurants, galeries, offices and residential design projects.  Since 1993 he produces specially designed furniture for the individual and his surroundings.  Additionally he provides consultancy services in design management and corporate identity areas.

Feride Toprak born at Ankara in 1983, she is a 2005 graduate of the Industrial Products Design Department of the Middle East Technical University(METU).


Neo, Tambour

Acrobat, Lobut, Tambour, Arrow, Envelope, Premier

Carnıval, Premıer, Hull, Envelope II

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