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by Ece Yalım Design Studio

Frame bookshelf by Ece Yalım Design Studio underlines a simple and elegant design approach. Frame can be used in common areas, executive rooms, reception areas and social areas, while giving a modern look to almost any space with its different coating options, open shelves that can be used on both sides and its closed areas, it provides different storage possibilities to the users.


All technical image and dimensions included in the technical sheet subject to change without notice, it is suggested to be verified all information by contacting the sales representative.

  • W2370
  • D460
  • H1850
  • Vinterio Oak-K1000
  • American Rift Cut Walnut-K1011
  • American Rift Cut Oak-K1012
  • Smoked Eucalyptus-K1013
  • Anthracite-MT7024
  • Metallic Grey-MT7662
  • White-MT9010
  • Black-MT9005
  • Black-LC9005

Available documents to download:

  • Frame_Bookcase_3ds_Files.zip 4 mb
  • Frame_Sideboard_2D_Files.zip 128 kb