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Meeting & Seminer Chairs

Feeling comfortable in a setting is just as important as the topics discussed!

The series of meeting and seminar chairs, which are developed with the purpose of meeting and conferences in meetings and seminars for long hours, combine aesthetics and functionality. The meeting and seminar seats can be easily stored and space-free when not in use with their easy-to-stack structures, and their durable construction continues to maintain the durability of the first day even with intensive use.



Constructed with metal and wood, conference chairs offer a new aesthetic perspective. 

Available in various dynamic styles and colors, optional armrests, and caster options, the chairs come with different functions. Ersa’s range of conference seating is thoughtfully designed, taking into consideration the long hours spent on the chairs and the need to concentrate on the discussions in environments of high attendance. The products help to ensure that the users feel comfortable. 

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