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An innovative solutions for numerous sectors as tourism, health, finance and education…

Since its foundation was laid in 1958 by Metin Atabey Ata in a metal workshop in Sivas, Ersa has grown into one of Turkey’s most prominent furniture manufacturer with innovative, high-quality products, exporting to 41 countries across the world. Ersa, which offers innovative and high quality solutions for architectural needs of its users in Turkey and all around the world, has a noteworthy export success in the international arena with the average export rate three times more than the industry average of Turkey.

Ranking as one of the biggest manufacturers within the sector with its 4,5 million square meters panel boards, 500.000 linear meter of laminated panels and 530.000 pieces of furniture production capacity at the 60,000 square meters production plant in Ankara; Ersa adopts an environmentally friendly and innovative production approach with the structural features of its production facilities.

Ersa adopts a technological, innovative and environmentally friendly approach to production, and aims to offer innovations with high added value in all processes from raw materials to end products by investing in production as well as R&D and design capabilities. Having launched Turkey’s first R&D and Design Center in the office furniture industry in 2017, Ersa carries out activities for the development and production of raw materials and semi-finished products to support innovative and technological design in the furniture industry.

Driven by its passion for good design since the very beginning, Ersa collaborates with numerous Turkish and international designers, and also offers designs by some of the leading brands to the Turkish market through global partnerships. As the winner of more than fifty prestigious local and international awards, Ersa believes in the power of good design and addresses design together with the idea behind it, developing and masterfully crafting products to offer users new and unique experiences beyond function.

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