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Ersa Asks x Balutto Associati

İçerisinde bulunduğumuz bu sürecin tasarım dünyasında ne gibi değişikliklere yol açacağını işbirliğinde olduğumuz değerli tasarımcılara sorduk.

How do you spend your time during this period, how does it affect your creativity?

We spend our time separated, me and my dad. Separated in SPACE but always connected in TIME with smart working. In a way, this new mood of working affects a lot our creativity. We are in lockdown since before middle march: so this strict duty to stay a lot in the same place, it's not always easy for people like us, used to be globetrotter. Anyway we have found new ways of using this precious time: for example we are studying some furnitures book of the past - this is a great inspiration and gives us a sense of tradition, of security of values, of what we were. So with a strong base, we can look with optimism to the future.

We experience an unusual process. How do you think that this period will have an impact on the designs?

Surely it will change our lives. we will have to find new moods for seeing outside and inside us. But this will me a new motivation for us and this searching for something new is strictly connected with creativity, isn't it?

In a way we have made a transition from a neutral space to a more personal one: smart working has let people enter in a much more intimate dimension, our homes. So design will participate to this world: the project of our intimate spaces, as colors, walls, light, deco of the space behind us when in smart working. This is also creativity and we all become art or film directors and scenographers..why not?

There are many facts that will not be the same after this process. From which details will we be observing this most in the design world?

The reduction in consumption will certainly be one of the effects of this crisis. We believe that the era of a new post- viral economy is opening, not in a V shape - due to the fact that the crisis has not let to an increase in savings, but in a slower U shape. In the meantime we will have developed new strategies and new resources and we will be ready for a new era. we are resources!

In which direction will the office furniture be shaped after this pandemic process in the traditional working system?

Surely there will be important changes: this new smart working has given more value to technologies and connections. I am sure that the consumers will take care about cables connections and smart tables. Also the space will change: probably offices, due to the rules given from the different governments for the COVID, will have different shapes, mirrors for protections, more distances and less stations and of course people.

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