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Ersa Asks x Claudio Bellini

İçerisinde bulunduğumuz bu sürecin tasarım dünyasında ne gibi değişikliklere yol açacağını işbirliğinde olduğumuz değerli tasarımcılara sorduk.

How do you spend your time during this period, how does it affect your creativity?

Luckily before we all got stuck where we are, I had the chance to come to my summer house in Portofino. So I am spending my time here in the house with my family. I don’t even realize how the time passes because I am connected with all my team during the week, and we work as usual. Since I used to travel quite often, we are used to working this way.

It actually has a great impact on my creativity. Not having my busy daily routines, I have more time for myself than usual and it gives me the opportunity to read, draw and imagine more. Hence, I would not say that it has limited my creativity but vice versa, it opened another perspective for me.

We experience an unusual process. How do you think that this period will have an impact on the designs?

To be honest, I believe that if we manage to use this period and experience well, and to learn from it, the world will be a better place. Of course it will take some time for new adaptations. And working from home will become more common for all the fields that don't actually need a physical space. We will be questioning the use of spaces in our daily lives such as restaurants, cinemas, offices. They all are taking so much space meanwhile millions are stuck in small apartments. I believe the change will start from architecture and design will follow the new spaces we create.

There are many facts that will not be the same after this process. From which details will we be observing this most in the design world?

There are two main theories on this topic. Either we will go back to the roots, the design will use essential details and will be function oriented, or people will need motivation in their apartments so more decorative and trend oriented products will get popular. Maybe both! But we know that people will start paying more attention to the environment they live in.

In which direction will the office furniture be shaped after this pandemic process in the traditional working system?

In my opinion, this global pandemic will definitely cause acute short-term disruption and medium-term recession. It is at this point to look for long-term opportunities whereby we have to rethink workplaces and also the way of living. Since many people will realize they can do what they do from home, except meetings and socializing, the use of common spaces in the offices will get bigger and the working areas and number of fixed desks will get smaller. The trends that we have been talking about since years, will become the reality. This will make coworking and shared offices take a big hit.

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