Ersa Mobilya | Embracing Elegance and Functionality: The Most Preferred Products of 2023 Ersa Mobilya | Embracing Elegance and Functionality: The Most Preferred Products of 2023
Ersa Mobilya | Embracing Elegance and Functionality: The Most Preferred Products of 2023
December 11, 2023

Embracing Elegance and Functionality: The Most Preferred Products of 2023

Embracing Elegance and Functionality: The Most Preferred Products of 2023

As we are stepping into the new year, we wanted to complete the year with a summary. The year 2023 brings a fresh wave of innovation and creativity in the realm of furniture design, catering to both aesthetic appeal and functionality. As Ersa Furniture, let’s explore the most preferred products of this year, both for home and offices.

From home office to relaxed office decoration, since the pandemic the ‘Office Design’ and ‘House Design’ is fully changed. We are in an era where housed function like offices and offices need a homy feeling. The trends of 2023 reflects harmonious blend of functionality, modernism, style and comfort. Let’s look at this year’s trends and favorites together…


For Sporty and Stylish Table Preferences: Tear Family

The iconic conical leg structure brings Tear family a unique design approach, which allows the series to be sporty and stylish with an aesthetic elegance. The family has dining table, coffee table, executive table and meeting table alternatives with different measurements and materials.

Tear executive table stands out as a product that brings the ordinariness of executive desks with its unique conical leg structure and striking design. Designed for manager groups who adopts both a sporty and stylish design approach. Tear table offers a perfect balance of functionality and an ideal solution for large working areas, filing systems and storage spaces.


Extraordinary Appearance for Executive Offices; Meliades Executive Desk

Meliades can be one of our most preferred executive desk of all time, which offers an extraordinary appearance with its A-shaped leg design, that is fixed to each other with a natural wood veneer strip detail between two wooden panels and a special technique, provides a wide range of motion to its user with this form of the leg. The front panel added to the table, which is presented with a shelf attachment on one side, increases the comfort of usage while supporting the stylish appearance of the table. A leather covering alternative is also offered for the tabletop and caisson surface, especially for the Meliades series.


Natural Form, Endless Design; Stoneage

Designed with inspiration from the shape of pebble stone, Stoneage coffee table has a modern design with its angled tripod leg structure and table top that comes with different material alternatives. The angled form of leg structure under the table saves space, while making the side table versions easier to use next to the sofa. The pebble-shaped coffee table offers alternatives to its users with its 3-or 4-legged structure that has various heights to increase usability.


Different Styles, Common Comfort; About Face & Rhino Sofa

If one thing should be common while choosing a sofa, it definetely must be comfort. About Face is a modular sofa that combines design and functionality in perfect balance. While it brings both elegance and functionality to your living spaces, it offers the opportunity for personalization with different color and fabric alternatives. By combining different modules, it can be formed as needed and creates a modern atmosphere with its clean lines and elegant details. It offers long-term comfort and durability with its comfortable seating areas and durable materials. About Face easily adapts to the changing needs of your living areas while Rhino sofa series, interpreting different materials and textures together, presents and elegant stance in the place where it is used, both with its apperance and workmanship. In addition to the wood veneer or standard floor frame alternatives in the series, decorative details can be applied with or without quilting, depending on preference. Rhino sofa, which brings together different forms homogeneously with its curved interior surface and oblique armrest structure on the exterior, offers the most suitable fabric, leather and material options to the interior architecture for executive rooms.


Planning Your Comfort in Elegance; Carna & Moira Executive Chair Series

Carna executive chair with its minimal design and comfortable usage, is diversified with its low or high back alternatives and stands out with its ergonomic structure. The version with high back can be evaluated in the executive rooms with its headrest and it brings a high level of aesthetic approach.

Differentiating by details which make it unique in addition to its simple design, Moira turns its face to the future and it offers an innovative and modern seating experience to the users. Moira promises a high-levvel comfort thanks to its height adjustable seating, adjustable armrest and lumbar support. Whether your choice is Carna or Moira while providing your office comfort and completing your desk in style you do not have to give up elegance.


Functionality Combined with Design; Hana Desk Series

Whether you decide to have a bar table an operational desk or a meeting table Hana is a dynamic table series with its angled leg structure and various alternatives. In operational alternatives with its single, double, quartet and hexadecimal types it offers the most appropriate answer to the needs in work areas. Hana, whose table legs are diversified with different color alternatives, easily adapts to the place where it is located. The bar able belonging to the Hana family, adapts easily to most space setups with its minimal form, is offered in different size alternatives. Continuing the oblique angled leg structure design of other members of the same family in this series. Hana Bar Table; can be evaluaed in common areas, waiting areas and meeting areas.


Stylish Design For Both Homes and Offices; Bring Your Office Style to Your Home

Who says a home office area can not be stylish or functional?

You can bring your office style to your houses with comfortable and functional with its long metal leg structure. Tube creates and elegant appearance in home office workspaces with its alternative design with and without shelves. Bringing the elegant design of the product family of the same name to home office workspaces. Tube also provides convenience to its users with its invisible drawer structure same as the table top and additional storage space offered in the option with shelves.


Bringing Functional Solutions to Your Living Areas with Idan & Kavi Sofa

Modularity in sofas bring functional solutions to your living areas. If you can not choose which style you would like to have, modular sofas may be for you. With its quilted seating font, back stitch details and rounded lines, Idan sofa has both and elegant look and comfortable use. While its metal angled legs provide a plain appearance to the Idan sofa, they allow it to be easily combined in modular versions and lead to different uses. Kavi sofa, offers countless styles with the combination of different modules, always prioritizes comfort. Bringing functional solutions to your living areas with its coffee table middle modules and lighting feature, Kavi is always stylish and comfortable.


Comfortable, Stylish and Unique; Linje & Nox Dining Table

Alongside being different in style both Linje and Nox dining table have something in common, which is style and unique design features. Linje dining table is designed to fit as many people as possible without taking up too much space in the room. Its minimal yet sufficient triangular metal leg structure is inspired by the linear movements of the stars and creates a true sculptural elegance in the space. It has oval and round table top options with various dimensions. While Nox dining table offering a distinctive look with its unique leg design and exclusive material, meets its users with its wooden covering, marble or Sinterflex table top options. The single-piece pillar with its curved U-form takes its most important feature from the concrete plastering surface. Which ever your choice is it will be unique.

Ersa Furniture not only offers you suitable advice and options with its wide product variety, but also includes special solutions for you with its comfortable, stylish and different designs for both homes and offices.

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