Ersa Mobilya | Ersa Furniture’s Commitment to Sustainability: Superior Quality with Natural Materials Ersa Mobilya | Ersa Furniture’s Commitment to Sustainability: Superior Quality with Natural Materials
Ersa Mobilya | Ersa Furniture’s Commitment to Sustainability: Superior Quality with Natural Materials
June 5, 2024

Ersa Furniture’s Commitment to Sustainability: Superior Quality with Natural Materials

In today’s world, where issues such as environmental pollution, global warming caused by greenhouse gases, and the depletion of natural resources are prevalent, it is important to take sustainable steps in production activities. Ersa Furniture, which operates with an eco-friendly production principle, stands out in its sector with activities such as the use of natural materials, recycling, and waste management, reflecting its understanding of sustainability.

Ecological Design with Natural Materials

Ersa Furniture, through its corporate sustainability policies, adopts an eco-friendly production approach by analyzing and developing ecological designs for living and working spaces. The brand, known for its projects embodying this approach, uses natural materials in its furniture, driven by its environmental consciousness.

The use of natural materials in furniture production offers numerous advantages in terms of both sustainability and aesthetic design. Materials like wood and bamboo can be easily recycled when they become waste. Additionally, these materials decompose easily in nature. The waste from natural materials like wood can also be used as raw material in products such as MDF and chipboard. Wood that cannot be used in any product as waste is utilized as biomass fuel for energy production.

Synthetic materials used in furniture manufacturing often contain harmful compounds such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) due to the additives used in their production. The emission of VOCs into indoor air during the use of these furniture items can pose risks to human health. Therefore, Ersa Furniture’s use of natural materials free from harmful additives is a crucial part of its sustainable design philosophy. Reflecting this philosophy, Ersa Furniture won the Green Good Design award in 2015 and was named the Most Environmentally Friendly Company of 2017 for its success in producing furniture with natural materials.

Recycling and Waste Management Strategies

One of the strategies Ersa Furniture implements for sustainability is recycling and waste management. The company emphasizes the use of easily recyclable materials in furniture production to protect natural resources. By recycling the waste generated during furniture production, Ersa conducts environmentally friendly manufacturing. Under these strategies, ecological designs using easily recyclable and reusable natural materials lead to the creation of eco-friendly products. Additionally, by recycling materials, Ersa contributes to the conservation of natural resources and reintroduces them into the biological cycle. With its eco-friendly and ecological design approach, Ersa Furniture aims to achieve zero waste in furniture production. To demonstrate the field applicability of its zero waste project, one of its sustainability commitments, the brand’s R&D center has used fiber material obtained from recycled PET bottles in various products. By producing wood-equivalent materials from rigid polyurethane, the aim is to reduce wood usage. Through these socially responsible strategies, Ersa Furniture has become the only company in its field to receive a total of five awards from the German Design Award.

Efficient and Effective Energy Use with Natural Materials

Another sustainable activity carried out by Ersa Furniture in production is the efficient and effective use of energy and resources. The natural materials used in production allow for intervention and processing during manufacturing. Designing, cutting, and assembly processes do not require high energy. Additionally, preserving the naturalness and texture of the material results in more aesthetic designs. Furthermore, Ersa Furniture utilizes sawdust generated during production in special boilers to meet the energy needs of its factories. By taking precautions against air pollution with filtered chimneys and using transparent panels on the roof to benefit from renewable sources like solar energy, energy use becomes more efficient and effective.

Superior Quality Furniture Made from Natural Materials with Ersa Furniture’s Quality and Assurance

Ersa Furniture uses natural materials in the production of environmentally friendly and aesthetically designed products tailored to projects. Embracing ecological design as a key principle in its projects, the brand produces eco-friendly products to create comfortable living spaces both domestically and internationally with its quality. Ersa Furniture proves that it is possible to protect the environment and meet today’s needs with natural materials without compromising on comfort and aesthetics, making its products suitable for use in living spaces like homes or offices.

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