Ersa Mobilya | How Does the Use of Color in Office Design Affect Work Performance? Ersa Mobilya | How Does the Use of Color in Office Design Affect Work Performance?
Ersa Mobilya | How Does the Use of Color in Office Design Affect Work Performance?
December 28, 2023

How Does the Use of Color in Office Design Affect Work Performance?

How Does the Use of Color in Office Design Affect Work Performance?


The appearance of workspaces directly affects the psychology of employees.For instance having adequate lighting in the room is essential as it enables good concentration. In addition to lighting, color selection is also crucial. The use of color in office design can positively or negatively influence both employees and customers. For example, customers often feel happy and secure when they enter a modern office rather than a dull and ordinary one. Furthermore, the emotions and productivity of employees are greatly influenced by the type of colors in the room. Each color tone stimulates specific parts of the brain, just as red triggers a sense of action. Therefore, paying attention to the use of color in office design is necessary to enhance productivity, elevate employee well-being, and create spaces that instill more confidence in customers.


Harnessing the Power of Colors


Were you aware that colors play an important role in ergonomic work settings? While colors might not have a direct impact on people’s physical state, they can support well-being, creativity, and productivity in the office. Hence, colors fall under cognitive ergonomics, focusing on how mental processes such as perception, memory and reasoning, as well as their interactions with individuals and other elements, are affected. Concerning colors, their impact on cognitive functions is studied, revealing certain effects related to color psychology. For example, bedrooms are often recommended to have calming effects, which is why tones like beige, brown and matcha green are preferred. The use of color in the office is crucial for the same reason. Ultimately, when functional offices with ideal color combinations and good lighting are designed, it positively affects employees’ performance.


The Meanings of Colors


Colors can be categorized as warm, cool or neutral. Warm colors are stimulating, while cool colors evoke a sense of relaxation. Neutral colors, on the other hand, either support or balance the effects of other colors. Hence, in using color in the office, it is essential o be cautious and choose tones that suit the workspace and work processes. Concentrating on colors that enhance concentration and productivity in proportion is cruical, but balancing the use of every color is also important. Here are some business colors and their meanings that boost employees’ motivation and support a modern ambiance;


Red: Though not the first color that comes to mind for office use, red can be highly effective when used appropriately. Red stimulates heart rate, circulation and represents passion. It can make the office atmosphere energetic and foster quicker decision-making.


Blue: Blue supports tranquility, concentration and reliability. It relaxes people and also enhance productivity. However, it is important to avoid making a room too cold. Blue tones can be used in resting areas created for employees. To maintain balance, you can use warm colors alongside blue. 


Green: Green also has a calming effect in the office as it is associated with nature.


Yellow: Yellow is the color of sunshine and joy. In the office, yellow tones stimulate creativity, provide energy and enhance thinking processes. Thus, it is ideal for meeting rooms and spaces where people work together. It also provides a warm welcome for customers. However it’s best to avoid using overly bright and tiring shades of yellow.


Orange: If creativity is a priority in the office, using shades of orange is recommended. Orange tones are only uplifting but also encourage creativity and productivity.


Pink: Pink is suitable for spacess with social interactions, such as meeting rooms. You can consider using pink tones for meeting rooms. 


Harmony of Colors in Modern Office Design


The use of color in the office is also related to color harmony because the effects of colors can change when they are matched together. For creating a modern workspace, color harmony is essential in office decoration. For example, if you choose a pastel shade of yellow to encourage creativity, you can balance it with anthracite, cream and light green tones. Vibrant colors, balancing pastels and neutral colors are prominent in modern office color schemes. By incorporating your personal taste and decoration style, you can harness the power of colors. Each color has a wide range of shades and by using tone-on-tone, tonal or contrasting colors you can achieve a modern office, increase motivation in small spaces such as cubicles, and reduce stress with calming color tones, thereby creating your dream office.


Colors for Motivation and Productivity in Offices


When discussing motivation, blue, green and beige are the first colors that come to mind. These colors are particularly suitable for areas where concentration is required. In high-intensity workspaces, light shades of blue and green are preferred to draw more light and enhance concentration. However, the topic of colors is highly personal, and colors affect each individual differently. This is because color perception takes place in the limbic part of the brain, where emotional reactions and unconscious thoughts are also present. In short, the way colors are perceived is connected to the ability to process emotions, learn new things and enhance motivation. Therefore, color and lighting can significantly impact productivity.


Colors like yellow and orange can be stimulating in short bursts for motivation, but excessive use can strain the eyes and cause irritability. Pastel shades of yellow, as they stimulate creativity, can be used on walls or furniture. If you want to consider the use of color in the office to design a productive space for your employees, you can get in touch with the professional team of Ersa Furniture, known for their unique designs and various material choices.

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