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Ersa Material Lab: Colours, Materials and Finishes

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Throughout decades our appreciation of Colours, Materials and Finishes has shifted with the latest trends, but never has the design discipline of CMF been as visible or developed as today, CMF is not merely the selection of colours but plays a crucial part in the emotional connection that we form while interacting with our surroundings.

Under the art direction of Rüya Akyol Studio, Ersa Furniture has developed a new library of colours, materials and finishes that are carefully selected from both leading international producers as well as responsibly managed local sources. It incorporates handpicked fabrics of the highes quality from Italy, a wider selection of natural fibres including linen, wool and recycled cotton, as well as an increased focus on longlasting Scandinavian wooden finishes. Building on the latest trans-seasonal tendencies its natural pigments and earthy hues give a feeling of sanctuary, further enhanced by warm and tactile finishes instantly root you in the present. 

You can combine materials together and see the harmony they create, and make more clear decision about colour transitions. Ersa Material Lab is a cheerful place where you can approach furniture design like a laboratory and do preliminary work. Ersa Material Lab, which you can only visit in our Ankara Officium Store, will soon be available in all our stores.

Officium Beytepe Showroom:

Officium, Beytepe Mah., Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Blv., 5314. Cad., No:1/B, B Blok, No:17 Ankara/Çankaya

T: +90 312 446 20 00