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by Ersa Studio

Nobby dining table gains a character that is unique in the form provided with a combination of different materials and angled forms, in addition to the classic design setup. Nobby offers a convenient and elegant look with its wooden table or table top. Nobby’s feet with natural wood on the reverse U-shape, brings unique illusions where its used with its changing image from different angles.

  • Polar

All technical image and dimensions included in the technical sheet subject to change without notice, it is suggested to be verified all information by contacting the sales representative.

  • W2400
  • D1000
  • H740
  • W2000
  • D1000
  • H740
  • W1800
  • D1000
  • H740
  • Bronze-GBRONZ
  • American Rift Cut Walnut-K1011
  • American Rift Cut Oak-K1012

Available documents to download:

  • Nobby_Dining_Table_2D_Files.zip 155 kb
  • 0 kb