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Bahçeşehir College

  • Sector


  • Location

    İstanbul, Turkey

  • Year


  • Architectural Office

    Okul Yapı

  • Applied Spaces

    Welcoming Areas, Library Areas

Ersa's innovative, modern and high-quality products meet with their users in the new academic year at the Florya Campus of Bahçeşehir College, which is within the body of Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions. In the welcoming area of ​​the educational institution, whose architectural project is undertaken by Okul Yapı, the red-colored welcome counter, which represents the company's corporate identity, welcomes its guests, while the plant unit, which is designed as both a storage and display unit, assumes a functional complementary role. Zen cabinets, which have become iconic of Ersa in the classroom corridors and represent their expertise in metal furniture, are chosen in red in the corporate identity of the company and add movement to the corridors. In the library area of ​​the institution, Lin library system, which is a modular storage system that meets its users in many prestigious projects such as Robert College and Salt Galata libraries, draws attention while Domino work tables with lighting and divider panels integrated into simple lines offer a highly efficient working environment.

Products in this project

  • Lin
  • Domino