Ersa Mobilya | The Impact of Architectural Structure on Interior Space and Furniture Selection Ersa Mobilya | The Impact of Architectural Structure on Interior Space and Furniture Selection
Ersa Mobilya | The Impact of Architectural Structure on Interior Space and Furniture Selection
December 11, 2023

The Impact of Architectural Structure on Interior Space and Furniture Selection

The Impact of Architectural Structure on Interior Space and Furniture Selection


Architectural structures influenced by changing fashion trends over centuries, lead to a diversity in decoration styles. Postmodernism, emerging in reaction to Modernism, the understated elements of minimalism and eclectic styles that incorporate all of these are just few of the styles you can apply to your interior spaces. Whether you live in a detached house or an apartment you can decorate your interior spaces as you wish.


In fashion, you can regularly observe the resurgence of styles from a few decades ago, and this effect is also evident in architecture. For instance, postmodernism, which stands opposed to modernism, was a style that emerged in between 60s and 70s and may resurface today. Its most significant feature is that these style buildings often have a revitalizing effect. Regardless of the style, whether in offices, homes, clinics, hospitals or libraries the influence of architectural structure is reflected in the selection of furniture. Ersa Furniture, which harmonize with eclectic decorations that encompass all styles, including modernism allow you to decorate your interior spaces to suit both the architectural structure and your personal preferences.


Unique Interior Design with Aesthetic Diversity

Minimalism is one of the styles that maintains its popularity in every era and can be applied in almost every area when creating modern living spaces. The simple designs that stand out with minimalism are highly suitable for boh small interior designs and combining other styles. Eclectic means ‘choosing the best’. Therefore, it is about bringing together all kinds of elements to create the best decoration. It is possible to combine elements of style from previous trends with eclectic style. At the same time, the idea behind eclecticism is that some things are good enough to retain their value over the years. Thus, incorporating minimalism, you can create eclectic styles with Ersa Furniture’s various dining tables, poufs, sofas and coffee tables.


Aesthetic diversity also allows you tu make the most of a space. Because the influence of architectural structure is not only about style but also about the use of the interior. For example, postmodernism is considered to be a style with a high aesthetic concern, so comfort is said to be in the background. However, even though not every structure is the same, it is possible to provide comfort in every space with modern furniture today. For instance, with the variously sized bookshelves in Ersa Furniture’s product range, you can create a perfect library in your interior spaces. This is because you can match bookshelves designed as short, long, wide or narrow as you like. With their dimensions and designs, they also harmonize with both modernism and postmodernism.


Modern Decoration Ideas for Minimalist Spaces

Modern living spaces consist of simple designs combined with functional furniture. Especially in small spaces, functionality and minimalism come to the forefront. You can decorate your interior spaces with ergonomic furniture by also drawing on different trends. For example, in your workspaces, you can use adjustable chairs because comfort should be the priority and you can prefer Ersa products that combine modern elements in their design. The golden rules of creating functional spaces are to make the best use of every area, to be functional and to have a spacious ambiance with its style. Therefore, when it comes to aesthetic diversity, minimalism is a trend that should not be overlooked. While evaluating small spaces with minimalist furniture, you can reshape other parts of the interior according to your usage habits. For example, you can transform a part of your living room into a dining room by dividing it, and you can choose a large dining table to share pleasant moments with your family and loved ones. In the remaining part, you can achieve a simple living room with a minimalist V unit, a long narrow bookshelf, a sofa and poufs. Therefore, minimalism is indispensable for eclectic style and a perfect complement.


Creating Modern Living Spaces by Staying True to Architectural Structure

Architectural structures designed within styles such as modern, postmodern, minimal, industrial or rustic may have specific features that you need to adhere to when organizing your living spaces. For example, in rustic designs, wood elements take the forefront so you need to choose wooden or compatible furniture. However today there are modern designs that harmonize extremely well with wooden furniture. This way, you can use furniture made of wood, MDF or metal parts. Thus, you both stay true to the architectural structure and bring together styles that are compatible with each other.


Therefore aesthetic diversity including minimalism is highly advantageous when creating living spaces. For example an eclectic interior that combines postmodernism and modernism is independent of traditions and current rules. Materials, colors and different structures are brought together. You can create an eclectic style from any style and another important feature is that eclectic style is indifferent to trends. The best way to adhere to the architectural structure to achieve a timeless interior is to create an eclectic style by mixing styles. Regardless of the architectural structure of your available space, you can decorate your interior spaces with Ersa Furniture designs, achieve eclectic styles and have functional spaces.

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