Ersa Mobilya | Ersa Mobilya Hom Design Center Store Has Renovated Ersa Mobilya | Ersa Mobilya Hom Design Center Store Has Renovated
Ersa Mobilya | Ersa Mobilya Hom Design Center Store Has Renovated
December 28, 2023

Ersa Mobilya Hom Design Center Store Has Renovated

Ersa Mobilya Hom Design Center Store Has Renovated

Offering refined and superior quality designs for living spaces with its 63 years of expertise in furniture design and production, Ersa Furniture renovated the Hom Design Center store, which has been serving for more than two years. The store, which was designed considering the 2021 home decoration trends and the retail experience expectations of the customers, started to host visitors again as of February.

Ersa Furniture renovated its 737 m2 home furniture store, which has been serving at the Hom Design Center within Skyland Istanbul since November 2018. The renewed interior architecture of the store was designed by taking into account the current research and data regarding both furniture design and in-store experience expectations of customers and visitors.


In the renovated store, up-to-date decoration suggestions and interior solutions for living spaces are exhibited with special setups created according to product groups. The display areas created for living, dining, sleeping and home-office work areas in homes, beyond presenting special designs developed by Ersa Furniture with more than 60 years of experience; it also contains creative inspiration in terms of interior design. From sofas to armchairs, from coffee tables to dining tables, from chairs to TV units, all products in the store are brought together with a special selection with the trend colors, textures and materials of the year. Each setup created also reflects a different interior design style for living spaces. A real space experience is offered for everyone who wants to make a serene innovation in their living spaces, to apply tone-over-tone themes or to move forward in a more striking style with contrasting choices.




Ersa Furniture invites refreshing feelings to living spaces with this new interior architecture experience it offers in its Hom Design Center store. Considering the change in living habits and the emergence of new responsibilities and emotions in the home environment with the Covid-19 epidemic, Ersa Furniture focuses on a more calm, refreshing and peaceful transformation. With the “Sense of Life” theme, it brings an approach that makes it possible to feel good in home life, to stay in the moment, and to adapt to new experiences.

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