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Ersa, founded by Metin Atabey Ata in 1958, Sivas, has raised one of the pioneers of the furniture sector in Turkey with giving importance to innovation and design. The simple architectural design of the factory in harmony with the environment is a reflection of the sustainable production approach that Ersa adopts. Spread on approximately 60,000 square meters and equipped with state-of-the-art production technologies, the factory has the capacity to process 4.5 million square meters of panel boards, 500,000 running meters of laminated panels, and 530,000 pieces of furniture in one shift.

Ersa, which offers innovative and high quality solutions for architectural needs of its users in Turkey and all around the world, has a noteworthy export success in the international arena with the average export rate three times more than the industry average of Turkey.


Ersa is analyzing the needs of the users and places in the best way, based on the concepts of life and work, which are getting new and interrelated definitions thanks to technology. Ersa offers approaches to shape the future of living and working spaces that are constantly changing with the ideas and designs they have developed. Within the framework of corporate sustainability, Ersa supports environmentalist production and design understanding. With its R & D and innovation-oriented investments, Ersa always aims to provide innovative designs at global standards.


Ersa, collaborating with important designers from Turkey and all around the world; has over 50 prestigious awards both nationally and internationally, including Red Dot, Good Design and Design Turkey, also Ersa is represantative in Turkey the world-famous furniture brands like Haworth, Cappelini and Quadrifoglio. In March, Ersa launched its first R & D center in the office furniture category with an investment of approximately 3 million TL also has signed a first by registering the Design Center that it has established in the Altunizade building in Istanbul by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Ersa aims to expand its domestic growth on a global scale by taking part in TURQUALITY® Support Program in 2017.


Ersa, which continues its growth focused on design and innovation every year, welcomed the 60th anniversary of its establishment with the products it developed for living spaces as well as working spaces. Ersa has launched its Life series at 14th Istanbul Furniture Fair for the first time. Ersa, which meets its users for living spaces in its 60th years, has launched its first life themed store in HOM Design Center.


As of 2019, Ersa is presenting its living spaces in Ankara Officium Beytepe, as well as its living spaces. Ersa aims to provide faster and more accurate service with its new stores in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Izmit, as well as stores in Bursa and Adana.


Our History


A Metal Atelier in Sivas


Manufacturing of First 1962 Model Chair


Obtaining of First Commercial Order From the State Materials Directorate (DMO)


Moving of Production to Ankara After Winning a Major DMO Tender


Founding of Ersa


Establishment of Wood Atelier


Moving to New and Modern Plant Complex


Commissioning of Numerous New Metal and Woodworks Machinery


Beginning of Cooperation with Designers From Turkey and Abroad


Establishment of A New Factory For Wooden Furniture


Receiving of Superior Design and Good Design Awards Within the Scope of Design Turkey


Openig of First Showroom in Istanbul with the Concept of "Box in a Box Idea"


Receiving of Red Dot Award, One of the Most Prestigious Awards in the World


Finalist in the "New York Interior Design Magazine Best of the Year Contest"


Commencement of Haworth's Representation in Turkey


"Core Ideas" Ready For The Concept and Create A New Experience


Selected As Fast Growing 44th Company


ŞANALarc imzalı


Ersa achieved on office furniture Turkey's first R&D and Design Centers activities


Ersa has inclueded TURQUALITY programme


Ersa was selected "The Most Enviromental Company of 2017" in 1. Organized Industrial Zone


Ersa is the only company awarded with a total of five awards in its category in the German Design Award


Ersa awarded two awards at iconic awards 2018: Innovative Interior


Ersa met with its audience at Hürriyet TV "Out of the Office" featuring 12 different video interviews where business leaders wew hosted


Envelope designed by Ece Yalım Design Studio awarded "Good Design" award in Design Turkey


Ersa welcomed the new year with a "Peter Pan" themed notebook and calendar in its 4th year of Notebook Project


Gained two awards at 2018 Green Good Award


Spaces with Ersa took place with its first meeting, within the concept of "The Changing of Work Spaces" in Salt Galata


Ersa which contuning its growth focused on innovation and design, completed its ERP and CRM digital conversation with a contribition SAP


Ersa became the most awarded brand in the furniture industry with a superior design and two design awards in design turkey 2018


Opened its first Life themed store in HOM Design Center, which includes its new life series


Opened its largest store in both Work and Life concept in Ankara Officium Beytepe


Angkor wins an award in the best bedroom category at EDIDA.

Our Values

A brand driven by the ultimate satisfaction of its employees and customers...

Pioneer In Innovation With High Added Value In The Furniture Sector for 60 Years

From workspaces to living areas, representing high qualified manufacture principle with a wide range design products and leading innovation with high added value, Ersa has the vision to raise its brand to compete with worldwide brands.

With the mission of providing the most appropriate furniture solution to the needs of its users and spaces with the production techniques and design products developed within the framework of design and production concept based on the principles of sustainability which are high-qualified, long-term use, ergonomic, functional and within aesthetic concerns.

We, as our business ethics:
  • Follow the principle of working by adhering to its commitments.
  • Value the importance of delivering on its stpromises and acting fairly and respectfully.
  • Believe in teamwork and spirit, ensuring that all activities are carried out in line with these beliefs.
  • Take care to communicate effectively with all stakeholders.
  • Listen to its clients and suppliers, and strives to meet their demands and needs in the shortest time possible.
  • Consider the creation of new ideas, designs, products and services as the basis for competition.
  • Adopt a production approach that respects people and the environment with its sustainability philosophy.


The simple architectural design of the factory in harmony with the environment is a reflection of the sustainable production approach that Ersa adopts. Spread on approximately 60,000 square meters and equipped with state-of-the-art production technologies, the factory has the capacity to process 4.5 million square meters of panel boards, 500,000 running meters of laminated panels, and 530,000 pieces of furniture in one shift.

With an environmentally friendly infrastructure developed by Ersa, the factory uses the unrecyclable sawdust created during production for heating. The transparent panels on the roof let natural light in during the day, reducing electricity consumption, while the filtration system installed in the factory chimneys ensures that air is not polluted.

The factory, with state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly technologies and equipment, is among the most modern and advanced production facilities in Europe that generates minimum waste.

As the holder of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, ISO 10002, OHSAS 18001, Q-Mark BS 476-22 and all necessary TSI conformity certifications, Ersa test lifecycles of raw materials and accessories in five fields.

Ersa exports its quality assured products to various markets in Europe, Americas, Africa, and the Middle East.


ISO 14001 2015_27112023_ING.pdf TS EN 15372_Toplanti Masasi_31082023.pdf TS EN 12727_Oturma_09072023.pdf TS EN 16121_Dolap_2808023.pdf ISO_14001_Turkak ISO_50001_2018_25022023 ISO 9001 2015_22052024_ING.pdf ISO 10002 2018_13012023_ING.pdf ISO-50001-2018_25022022_TR OHSAS_18001_2007_24052021_tr SSHY_Belgesi_ve_Servis_ist_25042020 TS-5337_Sandalye_02012022 TS EN 1023_BolmeP_22042023.pdf TS EN 16139_Sandalye_03022023.pdf TS EN 12521_Sehpa_22042023.pdf TS EN 12520_Sandalye_18102023.pdf TS EN 527_Masa_30032023.pdf TS 13836_Banko_18092023 TSE-Hizmet Yeterlilik ISO-27001-2013_25072021_ING_TR.PDF SSHY-Belgesi-ve-ServisIst_25032023.pdf  TS EN 14073_Etajer_22042023.pdf 


BG.PO.001-Bilgi-Guvenligi-Politikasi-0.2.doc CY.PO.001-Cevre-Politikasi.doc EN.PO.001-Enerji-YS-Politikasi.doc ISG.PO.001-ISG-Politikasi-0.1.doc YS.PO.001-Kalite-Politikasi-0.1.doc


BoXer, Turkey’s cutting-edge design company focusing on innovation and strategy joined its forces with PE International, the global leader in product sustainability services and solutions.

With designs that meet the needs of different working cultures and contemporary business environments in the world; Ersa, which produces functional, flexible, comfortable furniture and systems, always has the mentality of approaching its entire physical and social environment with sensitivity and devotion. With this responsibility, it has created its own understanding of sustainability and put it at the center of its production philosophy. It continues to expand the boundaries of its own sustainability framework, with its environmentally friendly infrastructure in its facilities, the raw material rates it uses in the materials it produces and its transparent communication policy with the social environment.


To make environmentally friendly production at low cost.

To provide less energy consumption at every stage of production anf furthermore. 

In any case to cooperate with individuals who thinks and cares about the future of the world.

To provide original solutions that meet the needs of the public and private sectors and with leading production technologies and innovative designs.

Sustainability Approach - Environmental Sustainability

With the 22 thousand square meter solar panel investment installed on the roof of the factory located in Ankara, the firm aims to prevent 1472 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and as a first step, to meet 65% of its energy needs with renewable solar energy as of January,2023.

Ersa was chosen as the 'The Most Environmental Company of 2017' due to the importance it gives to the environment and its efforts.

A Sustainability Report was prepared in collaboration with our designers Erdem Akan & Boğaç Şİmşir, and the products designed by them after this report were awarded in 2015 by Green Good Design.

In all the projects that R&D Center has developed; in order to reduce the use of wood, alternative materials to MDF and chipboard are developed.

Hard-polyurethane material and wood equivalent materials were obtained and used in various products.

As a result of recycling plastic waste bottles, felt is produced and used in products such as Phone Booth (Cabina), Acoustic Meeting Rooms, Chair (Infinity).

Polypropylene (pp) from recycled car bumpers are used in plastic chair fonts.

The Eco Design Project for Ersa” is one the first implementations of this fruitful collaboration. The project focuses on green product design as well as green business model design. Taking into consideration the fact that 80% of environmental impacts can be influenced during the product design stage, the benefits of eco design are significant in terms of environmental sustainability.

In addition to that, it provides companies with measurable advantages compared to other actors in the same sector; such as brand enhacement, product innovation, compliance, risk management, product differention and cost reductions.

In compliance with the above cited criteria and in full cooperation with Ersa’s design and production teams, BoXer and PE International are currently working on the project.

The future outcome of the latter; “Ersa’s Green Line” could consist of some the “greenest” furnitures ever produced and marketed in Turkey.

Sustainability Report


Driven by its passion for good design since the very beginning, Ersa collaborates with numerous Turkish and international designers, and also offers designs by some of the leading brands to the Turkish market through global partnerships.

As the winner of more than fifty prestigious local and international awards, Ersa believes in the power of good design and addresses design together with the idea behind it, developing and masterfully crafting products to offer users new and unique experiences beyond function.

  • Alexis&Murat Şanal
  • Burak Koçak
  • Cappelletti Architetti
  • Claudio Bellini
  • Ece Yalım Design Studio
  • Erdem Akan & Boğaç Şimşir
  • Ersa Studio
  • Klan Studio
  • Paolo Piva
  • Rüya Akyol Studio
  • Studio Balutto Associati
  • Studio Schrofer
  • Şule Koç
  • Toine Van Den Heuvel


Driven by its passion for good design since the very beginning, Ersa collaborates with numerous Turkish and international designers, and also offers designs by some of the leading brands to the Turkish market through global partnerships.

  • GEO
  • Wall
  • Geo, Wall
  • Twins
  • İstanbul Showroom
  • So Simple Office
  • Wall
  • Wall
  • İstanbul Showroom, Twins
  • Frame, Twins
  • Neo, Tambour
  • Envelope II
  • Easy
  • Gavina
  • Yoka
  • Frame, Twins, Join, Mag
  • Frame
  • Arrow
  • Twins
  • So Simple Office
  • Geo
  • Carnival, Premier, Hull, Envelope II
  • Big Binder, Corner
  • Acrobat, Lobut, Tambour, Arrow, Envelope, Premier
  • Grid
  • Infinity Chair
  • Frame, Join, Mag, So, Simple Office
  • Wall
  • Carnival
  • So Simple Office
  • Geo, Wall
  • Envelope
  • Wall
  • Twins
  • Twins
  • Frame