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BoXer, Turkey’s cutting-edge design company focusing on innovation and strategy joined its  forces with PE International, the global leader in product sustainability services and solutions.

The Eco Design Project for Ersa” is one the first implementations of this fruitful collaboration. The project focuses on green product design as well as green business model design. Taking into consideration the fact that 80% of environmental impacts can be influenced during the product design stage, the benefits of eco design are significant in terms of environmental sustainability.

In addition to that, it provides companies with measurable advantages compared to other actors in the same sector; such as brand enhacement, product innovation, compliance, risk management, product differention and cost reductions.

In compliance with the above cited criteria and in full cooperation with Ersa’s design and production teams, BoXer and PE International are currently working on the project.

The future outcome of the latter; “Ersa’s Green Line” could consist of some the “greenest” furnitures ever produced and marketed in Turkey.

ERSA_Sustainibility_Report 2.16 MB