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by Ersa Studio

Reflecting the classical kitchen structure with its crown and core door structure, Cornice has a rustic atmosphere with the cords an its doors. Cornice with it's rustic cover structure and the rustic crown, which completes each other with the same style, wooden base and glass & lacquer options creates the reflection of a traditional kitchen. While various materials can be prefered like glass, glossy and matte lacquer options, it also provides it's users with the opportunity to design and color their kitchen areas as they wish. 

Cornice can be shaped according to needs of it's user, with its modular structure and functional addible accessories. With the organizers in the drawer, it provides functionality and facilitates access to products ergonomically. An optional LED system, under the counter, lighting can be applied. The visible edges that does not have a connection to the wall can be produced in the same color as the doors and with its thick and corded design that completed the classic kitchen structure it provides a separate integrity and aesthetics to the product.


All technical image and dimensions included in the technical sheet subject to change without notice, it is suggested to be verified all information by contacting the sales representative.


Available documents to download: