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by Ersa Studio

Hana, a dynamic table series with its angled foot structure and felt panel attachment; with its single, double, quartet and hexadecimal alternatives, offers the most appropriate answer to the needs in work areas. Hana, whose table legs are diversified with different color alternatives, easily adapts to the place where it is located. Hana offers a various Storages solution to its users with the caisson and shelving add-ons optionally included in its design.


All technical image and dimensions included in the technical sheet subject to change without notice, it is suggested to be verified all information by contacting the sales representative.

  • White-MT9010
  • Metallic Grey-MT7662
  • Anthracite-MT7024
  • Black-MT9005
  • Mustard-MT1472
  • Tile Red-MT3624
  • Reed Green-MT6013
  • American Rift Cut Walnut-K1011
  • American Rift Cut Oak-K1012
  • Smoked Eucalyptus-K1013
  • Grey-L1017
  • White-L1019
  • American White Oak-L1020
  • Freze American Walnut-L1021
  • Smoked Eucalyptus-L4213

Available documents to download:

  • Hana_2D_Files.zip 35 mb
  • Hana Data Sheet.pdf 184 kb