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Polar C

by Ersa Studio

Polar C stands out as a series that comes to life from minimal form and contains various alternatives with the use of materials. Polar C, which has three different shell types as all plywood, upholstered and outer surface plywood-inner surface upholstered, offers simplicity and comfort together in its curved structure compatible with human ergonomics.

  • Polar
    4-Leg Metal Base with Castors
  • Polar
    Spider Base

All technical image and dimensions included in the technical sheet subject to change without notice, it is suggested to be verified all information by contacting the sales representative.

4-Leg Metal Base with Castors
  • W600
  • D520
  • H860
Spider Base
  • W670
  • D660
  • H905
4-Leg Metal Base
  • W570
  • D510
  • H880
Sled Base
  • W540
  • D510
  • H870
Type Metal
  • White-MT9010
  • Metallic Grey-MT7662
  • Anthracite-MT7024
  • Black-MT9005
  • Metallic Chrome

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