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Zai Bodrum

  • Sector


  • Location

    Bodrum, Turkey

  • Year


  • Architectural Office

    A+A Mimarlık

  • Applied Spaces

    Common Areas

Instead of the usual libraries, Zai Bodrum, designed with the idea of creating an interactive and versatile environment, offers its visitors a third space comfort in a new generation library concept, where they can spend time after home and work. In the project, which is located in the Bodrum district of Muğla and the project design is undertaken by A + A Architecture, besides the reading areas, a pocket cinema where movie screenings and readings will take place, workshop areas to be organized with the participation of writers and chefs, classical music concert areas and cafe areas where special treats will be served. and Ersa designs offer comfortable, modern and stylish space setups to the visitors of Zai Bodrum. While the Lin library system by Alexis and Murat Şanal, which are evaluated in the library areas, enables the creation of a simple library environment, the Italian design office Cappelletti Architetti's Premier, Studio Balutto Associati's signature Magnolia and Polar seats offer both stylish and comfortable seating areas at the same time. The Nobby, Palmy and Tear tables by Ersa R & D + Design Team, which are used in common areas and library areas, bring the energy of wood to the interior. While Burak Koçak's design Hull seats in the lounge areas are accompanied by Erdem Akan and Boğaç Şimşir's Corner coffee tables, Polar chairs preferred in pastel tones add a modern look to the seminar area.

Products in this project

  • Magnolia
  • Tear
  • Hull
  • Nobby
  • Palmy
  • Premier